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How Facebook Audiences from 2018 are Winning

IOS14.5 changes the Facebook Audience game

IOS14.5 is here and in full swing, and we are all feeling the challenge of the change. However, many people are still finding a way to win on the Facebook Ad platform. While we have noticed varying effects across our ad accounts, one thing is constant - in many ways, our strategy is moving back in time to 2018. Just hear me out...

When it came to creating audiences in a pre-IOS world, we largely relied on seasoned pixels to do the work for us. Rather than attempting to outsmart the Facebook algorithm, we opened up our targeting, added some killer video ads, and let Facebook go to work finding our ideal customer. However, the post IOS-14 world is different. Currently, it seems like Facebook is struggling to find new customers based on actions the pixel has tracked.

A powerful strategy of the past has made a comeback

This is where the 2018 strategy comes into play! Now we are moving back to segmenting customers and creating lookalike audiences to show Facebook EXACTLY who we want to show our Ads to. To bypass pixel communication issues, we are simply reverting to uploading customer lists from Shopify.

It is currently performing well for us across multiple accounts. You can break things down by cohort (ex. black Friday customers), customer value, the total number of customer orders, and the list goes on. The thought is that uploading customer lists bypasses the pixel communication errors we believe Facebook is currently experiencing.

Back to the Facebook future

Hop in your time machine back to 2018 and give this strategy a try! If it works for you (or if it doesn’t), we would greatly appreciate your feedback on this post. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more anti-IOS hacks. If you’d us to take a look to see where you might be missing out on cutting-edge strategies like this and others, schedule your free 29 point eCommerce analysis today!

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