29 Point E-Commerce Analysis
A Complimentary Offer From Inspiir Media

Maximize the effectiveness of your e-commerce channel by identifying the exact metrics, tools, and strategies that will help you grow faster and more efficiently.


Unfortunately, most companies waste a lot of money on things that don’t actually move the needle (increase sales & profitability). This is mostly because they are making decisions with a lack of proper data.


Our 29 Point E-Commerce Analysis will help you roadmap your next best steps to growing and scaling your direct e-commerce Channel.

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This analysis will help you:

  • Understand which metrics you need to be focusing on to grow & scale efficiently

  • Learn the tools & systems that are crucial for digital Customer Acquisition, Conversion Rate Optimization, and increasing Lifetime Customer Value.

  • Minimize wasted resources

  • Properly plan for future e-commerce growth

The analysis takes approximately 1 hour.


During this hour session, we will go through the 29 Points and begin to gain clarity on the current status of your e-commerce channel and identify areas of improvement and potential growth. 


After analyzing millions of data points and working with brands big and small, we have created this analysis so that you will have clarity and excitement towards all of your opportunities for growth!

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