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How To Use ClickUp To Create A Client Success Portal

Recently we built out a custom Client Success portal in ClickUp to streamline and enhance our account service efforts and make communication with clients a breeze.

Problem: Multiple spreadsheets, links, email threads, and sometimes lack of client accountability to move projects was creating more work for the Account Team.

Solution: Create a space where all resources, reports, promotions, chats and both active projects and project planning can live. Clients can access and actively collaborate with the Account Team.

We focused on four specific areas:

  • A task space to collaboratively work on projects with clients that keep us and the client accountable for timelines

  • A chat panel to have real time conversations vs. back and forth emails

  • A form to submit upcoming promos for either email or social ads

  • A resource center that holds all the clients reports, initiatives/goals, and team contact info

Watch this 3 min. video on what we created and how it functions.

What would you include to build your client portal?

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