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How Food & CPG Brands Can Get the Most out of their Direct to Consumer eCommerce Channel (in 90 Seco

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

According to, in 2020, the Food and Beverage industry is the fastest growing eCommerce category - a staggering increase in sales is expected, forecasted to increase from 23.4% of sales to 58.5% of sales!

Respectively, the Healthy/ Beauty and CPG eCommerce industry is predicted to grow from 16.6% of sales to 32.4% of sales.

If you want to see the full benefits of how this will impact your Food/ Beverage or CPG brand you are going to want to take the 90 seconds to read this article to the end. By utilizing Shopify as a Direct to Consumer (DTC) eCommerce channel to fully capitalize on the massive rise in eCommerce that is currently transpiring in the space, brands unlock a multitude of benefits that simply are not possible with Amazon. These benefits include a true client relationship, the ability to remarket, the collection of customer data, effective use of paid traffic, and conversion optimization.

Ability to Nurture Customer Relationships

At the forefront of the benefits that come with Shopify, is the ability to develop and nurture a relationship with customers. While utilizing Shopify as the DTC eCommerce channel in comparison with Amazon, brands are able to take full control of their perception. The ability to talk to the customer before, during, and after the purchase is an aspect that is lost through Amazon. By utilizing this channel of communication with the prospective customer, it becomes possible to distinctly stand out as a brand rather than just another product on the Amazon search page.

Remarketing (the single greatest missed opportunity for CPG brands)

When a customer visits a Shopify page rather than Amazon, the Food/ Beverage and CPG brands have the ability to collect information from the customer through both their pixel & tags, and when provided, their email address. This then gives access to a new line of communication with the customer allowing for both remarketing and email automation, and through this new line of communication, the brand is constantly at the customer's top of mind ensuring that brand awareness is not lost. More importantly a rapport is built between the brand and the buyer leading to brand loyalty and repeat purchases (increased lifetime value of a customer).

Conversion Optimization

Lastly, brands utilizing Shopify have the ability to develop their website, allowing for conversion optimization of much greater detail than is possible on Amazon. Not only can the site be made more user friendly to encourage increased purchases, but the site can also track a customer’s actions and clicks to see what works and what doesn't. With this knowledge, adjustments can be made to the site, building around what has been proven to be effective, including sales copy, site layout, colors/design, and specific product offers.

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