Getting Started

Our goal is to make the onboarding process as quick an easy as possible. It's important that these next steps are completed ASAP in order for our team to begin working on your campaigns.


We are thrilled to be working with you!

*Please watch this entire video first and then follow the steps listed on this page*

Step #1

Facebook Ad Account Access

First, we need access to your Facebook Ad Account:


If you have created an Ad Account in Facebook Business Manager, please grant us access. To do this go to Facebook Business Manager and select "Business Settings" (it should be the blue button in the upper right and corner of the page. Once on the settings page select "Partners" in the left-hand column. You should see a button in the center of the page that reads "+ Add". You will be prompted to enter a Partner Business ID where you will enter our's 1135721516451594. Then simply hit next and assign us as an Admin for all assets. This will allow us to solve all problems on your behalf. 


If you DO NOT have an Ad Account set-up, or you are feeling confused about this step, please reach out and we can walk you through it to make sure everything is setup correctly!



See below for a video walkthrough of this step.

Step #2

Assets & Customer Data

Next, we need all of your access to your company logo's and brand standards as well as any images and videos that we may use for campaigns. In addition, we will need access to any customer data you are willing to share. i.e. Customer lists that include email or phone numbers (with sales data if possible) as well as email lists or other prospect lists. *Note: Please name the files in such a way that we can understand.



You should have received an email with a link to a Google Drive Folder with multiple sub-folders where you can drop all files.

See video walkthrough below.

After you have completed these two quick steps, let us know and we will be in touch with the next action items.